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What is a Written Statement under CPC?

What is a written statement under CPC

There is no particular definition described of a written statement under CPC. We can say that a written statement is the primary defense of which is given by the defendant in response to the plaintiff’s suit. A written statement is also included in a pleading. In this way, a written …

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Suit For Recovery Of Possession Under Specific Relief Act

Suit For Recovery of Possession Under Specific Relief Act

Introduction The Specific Relief Act 1963, covered several remedies for persons whose civil or contractual rights harm by others. There are many different types of remedies that can be provided by the court through this Act, Such as; Recovery of possession of different types of properties like Movable and Immovable, …

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Child Labour In India: Everything You Need To Know

Child Labour in India

Introduction Child labour is classified as such types of work which are done by children. Here, in this sense, we are not talking about all kinds of child work which are done by them. If children are involved in different kinds of work, that means they are not considered in …

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