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Does a Cancelled Cheque Require a Signature on it?

does cancelled cheque require signature

Introduction  Now in these days, financial transactions become more complicated, which is why there is a need to make them more flexible and easier. In these ways, the canclled cheque plays an important role in verifying bank account details for the purpose of activation of automatic debits from the customer …

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Why is a Cancelled Cheque Required for KYC?

Why is a Canceled Cheque Required for KYC

Introduction A Cancelled Cheque plays a crucial role in the KYC process in the banking sector. Banking institutions must follow the KYC process to better understand their customers. In order to proceed with this process, it is necessary to provide proof of your identity and address. A cancelled cheque can …

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What is a Nominal Partner in Partnership?

What is a Nominal Partner in Partnership

Definition of Nominal Partner The Nominal Partner is an individual who is not a part-owner and not actively involved in the firm’s operations. They are often well-known figures who lend their name to the company for a fee. Who is the Nominal Partner in the Partnership? A nominal partner lends …

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