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Who is a Plaintiff in a Court of Law?

Who is a Plaintiff in a Court of Law

Who is the Plaintiff in a Court of Law? A plaintiff is a party that brings a legal action against that party who causes harm in a court of law. On the other hand, a defendant is the party against which the plaintiff lays a suit. In other words, we …

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Who is a Defendant in Court?

Who is a Defendant in Court

In a Court of law, a defendant is a person( including an entity like a legal character or a company). That is accused or alleged of doing something wrong. In short, we can say that a defendant is a person to whom a plaintiff lays a claim or suit in …

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What is a Written Statement under CPC?

What is a written statement under CPC

There is no particular definition described of a written statement under CPC. We can say that a written statement is the primary defense given by the defendant in response to the plaintiff’s suit. A written statement is also included in a pleading. In this way, a written statement is also …

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What is the applicability of Doli Incapax in IPC?

What is the applicability of doli incapax in IPC

Meaning and explanation of Doli Incapax The word Doli incapax basically comes from the Latin word which is mentioned about the presumption theory of criminal responsibility in the law. As per this theory, a child is not capable of committing an offense with criminal intent.  This maxim presumes that a …

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What is the Importance of Sales and Distribution Management?

What is the importance of sales and distribution management?

Introduction Sales and distribution management has long been a problem in the commercial world. Raw materials may arrive too soon and spoil before they are utilized. Alternatively, completed items may come late, enabling a rival to take the lion’s share of the market. Effective Sales and distribution management is so …

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What is The Need for consumer protection in India?

Need for consumer protection in India

Introduction  In recent years, consumer understanding of their legal rights has steadily increased. Consumer protection is a worldwide acknowledgment and worries that consumers are a weak party when it comes to purchasing products and services as compared to the producers and dealers who make and sell them. In an ideal …

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know the Concept of Audi Alteram Partem

know the concept of audi alteram partem

Introduction  Natural justice is a fundamental right of every person, which is not possible without an equal legal framework. The Audi alteram partem concept is a base of natural and equal justice. It is only possible when both parties are heard. There is no chance of ​fair justice without hearing …

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