Child Labour In India: Everything You Need To Know

Child Labour in India

Introduction Child labour is classified as such types of work which are done by children. Here, in this sense, we are not talking about all kinds of child work which are done by them. If children are involved in different kinds of work, that means they are not considered in …

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Know what are the Rights Of Women in India

know that are the rights of women in India

Introduction India is a fast-growing country that’s how every development changes all factors, including the lifestyle of people as we know that improvement and development are requirements for the growing nation. That makes all over development economically, socially, industrial, etc., and the result also grows the status of people’s lives. …

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Know what are your Employee Rights in India

know what are your employee rights in India

Introduction  Every employee is a human who gives the best afford to the employer; they must know their employee rights in India. The employee is an integral part of the foundation of business. In that way of employment, every employee has some fundamental rights and duties. Knowing these employees’ rights …

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