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Know what are your Employee Rights in India

know what are your employee rights in India

Introduction  Every employee is a human who gives the best afford to the employer; they must know their employee rights in India. The employee is an integral part of the foundation of business. In that way of employment, every employee has some fundamental rights and duties. Knowing these employees’ rights …

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When do you need to file a legal notice for recovery of money?

When do you need to file a legal notice for recovery of money

Introduction  Legal notice for recovery of money is a crucial part before taking legal action against the opposite party. By sending that notice, an aggrieved party ensures that the demand notice was served to the party with the reason; however, the amount was not paid to you. And you have …

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Right to Constitutional Remedies Under Article 32 And 226

Right to Constitutional Remedies (Article 32) Under the Constitution of India

Introduction The Indian constitution confers some rights known as fundamental rights; these rights can be enforceable through the court by praying the right to constitutional remedies. Any citizen of India who suffers from a violation of his fundamental rights can enforce and protect his legal right. The law also provides …

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