What is a Void and Voidable Contract Under Contract Law?


In practical life, people need to make contact for business or other reasons. But while entering into the contract, you should need to know where such agreement may void and voidable contract as per the contract law. You should need to be safe legally from any hazard through contact if you get in touch with a voidable contract by mistake or someone’s intention. It is very important to know that without any knowledge about the voidable contract, you cannot get rid of it ultimately. 

If you have a little bit of time, just stay on the page as today, this article will make you know about voidable contracts and their related things.

What is Voidable Contact?

  • A voidable contract is a regulable agreement between two parties that are not legally enforceable. A contract can be non-voidable if 
  • One or both parties keep the fact closed.
  • The contract carries errors, misrepresentation, or fraudulent statements.
  • The contract was signed under dues or undue conditions.
  • One or both of the parties cannot enter into a contract legally. 
  • The contract contains at least one unconscionable term.
  • Breach of contract occurs.

But you should remember that a void contract is totally different from a Voidable contract. If you do not have knowledge about a Void contract, just go through the details mentioned below. 

Void Contract 

A void contract becomes a formal agreement that is effectively illegitimate and even unenforceable from the time it is created. It is very important to know that a void contract differs from a voidable contract though both may be nullified for the same reason. It comes with the following conditions given below.

  • Agreement in Restraint of Marriage – Any kind of agreement which restrains the marriage of an adult, is a void agreement.
  • Agreement in Restraints of Trade
  • Agreement in Restraint of Legal Proceedings
  • An agreement which has uncertain meaning.
  • It comes with Wagering Agreement.

When does a Contract become Void?

When a contract is declared void, it will no longer valid and even it cannot be enforced under federal or state laws. A contract becomes void when

  • It is completely one-sided
  • It runs against public policy
  • Its subject becomes illegal
  • It is not possible to perform anymore
  • One of the parties is illegal competent. 

You need to remember that a contract with at least one issue can still be enforceable if both parties decide to honor its terms & condition. Oppositely the affected party may fail to recognize the existence of an issue by the contract, but it can come to void the contract when such an issue is discovered.  

Ratification for a Voidable Contract

Ratification is the process that can allow you to correct a voidable contract. It requires all parties to the contract just for negotiation with new terms, which eliminates the issue that makes it voidable. For example, if one party was not able to sign legally on contract form because of underage, the contract may be ratified when both of them turn 18 years. If either one or both parties run no longer wishes to be bound by the contract, it comes voided on the grounds that anyone could not legally sign.  

But sometimes, most people do not understand the difference between voidable and void contracts. If you want to know about both of them, look at the details given below.

Voidable vs. Void contracts 

Each and everyone needs to understand the difference between Voidable & Void contracts. A voidable contract comes to be effective if both parties are to be agreed to the terms despite flaws of the agreement. A void contract is not enforceable. The void contracts include the requirement of either one or both parties to make a commitment regarding illegal activity to fulfill the terms & conditions.

Valid contracts are void when one party dies or becomes unable to fulfill the contract terms. A voidable contract comes to be enforced if the parties are agreed on the terms despite all flaws in the agreement; a void contract is not really enforceable. A void contract requires both parties’ commitment despite flaws in the agreement. Contracts are void if one or both parties commit illegal activity in need of fulfillment in their terms. 

Parties in a void contract do not make any suit to the other party in need of fulfilling the contract but must restore any benefit that they received from the original party. With the help of voidable contracts, the party comes negatively affected by the issue of damages. 

Go through some examples of Voidable Contracts

The parties who have signed a contract can walk in any time because of illegal activity or ability in need of an agreement. If one person has been tucked or forced to sign the contract, the contract comes as a voidable contract. It becomes voidable also if one or more parties are under the condition of alcohol or drugs. 

Some Examples of Void Contracts

Void Contracts may come

  • Pertain to illegal activities like gambling, a special crime, prostitution, and others.
  • Must be signed by a minor or another one deemed mentally unfit to enter a contract.
  • Depend on the happening of an impossible feat or matter.
  • Go against the rules of public policy.
  • Restrain one from performing legal activities like working or choosing a spouse. 

What do you need to do for a Void or Voidable Contract?

 When your contract comes void or voidable, you need to get in touch with a lawyer just to consult. In that regard, she or he can help you be sure about either void or voidable. If you end up as one party of a voidable or void contract, step you need to request an official analysis under the process in the court. This can help to understand whether the contract is legally enforced or eligible for damages like a breach of contract. 

But if the contract is voided, you should come to keep copies of all related documents, including bills, receipts, and other documents. These documents work as important evidence. 

Suppose you require determining whether the contract is voidable or void. In that case, you need to take a step on it and appoint a legal adviser legal marketplace that accepts you to help you out by providing the required information in this regard.

Difference between Void Contract and Voidable Contract with a Table

Void Contract Voidable Contract
A void contract is completely a legal contract.   A voidable contract is also a legal contract but it can become illegal if one party want to cancel it.
A void contract becomes invalid during its creation. A voidable contract can only become invalid if it is cancelled by one of the two parties.
No performance is possible. Performance is possible.
A void contract is completely non-existent and cannot be upheld by law. It is an existing contract and involvement of one party is required.


In any regards either business or personal happening, you need to be attached with contract but if the contract runs under the rules of Void or Voidable contract, the importance of contract comes zero that means you will not have any benefit to have a contract. Try to know about the void & voidable contract and be safe completely.

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